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Fulton Four

Sullivan Wylde Fulton was born on May 10, 2023. She wasn’t the gigantic baby the doctors were anticipating. Nope, Sulli was a petite seven-pounder with a fair amount of dark hair and the daintiest little features you ever did see. The first thing I said when they put her on my chest was, “Where did

Waiting on Sullivan

Having Lachlan seemed to have “fixed” any reproductive issues I had prior to getting pregnant with him. At four months post-partum, I got my period back and it came like clockwork every month thereafter. No birth control, Metformin, or anything. It was nice to feel “normal”. Pretty soon after Lachlan was born, Tayler and I

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Getting Lachlan

Let’s go back to August 2018. I’ll save you the time of listening to me ramble on about my medical history. Just know that by August 2018, I had been struggling with my IUD for a year. Let me clarify, I had struggled the ENTIRE year the implant had lived inside me. Tayler and I

Fulton Family Favorites: Newborn Edition

Our family is growing! Lachlan has a brand new baby cousin, Sisi! My brother and sister-in-law became a family of three just a few weeks ago. We are so excited to have more babies in the family! Lach is the oldest grandchild (and great-grandchild) on my side of the family. On the Fulton side, he’s