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Waiting on Sullivan

Having Lachlan seemed to have “fixed” any reproductive issues I had prior to getting pregnant with him. At four months post-partum, I got my period back and it came like clockwork every month thereafter. No birth control, Metformin, or anything. It was nice to feel “normal”. Pretty soon after Lachlan was born, Tayler and I

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Getting Lachlan

Let’s go back to August 2018. I’ll save you the time of listening to me ramble on about my medical history. Just know that by August 2018, I had been struggling with my IUD for a year. Let me clarify, I had struggled the ENTIRE year the implant had lived inside me. Tayler and I

First Comes Love

Tayler and I have a pretty unconventional love story. When people ask how we met, our response is, “How much time do you have?” Most people say, “Oh. Did you meet on a dating app? My friend’s cousin’s brother met her husband on a dating app!” No. We didn’t meet via dating app. But my